Google bestows Android O with the 8.0 version number

Will be named after, but the mystery of what its official version number will be has been solved.

Android O, the next version of Google’s mobile operating system, will be (drumroll, please) Android 8.0, according to information tucked into the third developer preview, released Thursday. It was really only a contest between a 7.2 designation and the 8.0 designation, says Android Police, which first reported the development.

Google confirmed the new designation.

Considering the magnitude of Android O, it seems a new version level was warranted. The forthcoming software for phones, tablets, watches and Android TV will sport a picture-in-picture feature meant to make multitasking more convenient; a copy/paste function designed to be easier to use; and password autofill in Chrome for Android that’s meant to save users time and typing.

But about the mystery O, what sweet treat does Google have on its plate for us to devour? Perhaps an Oreo?  Or an oatmeal cookie? Maybe orange sherbet?