Defense Company Experiments with a Drone by putting a Machine Gun on it

A military contractor named Duke Robotics recently revealed a video in which they have introduced a hazardous tool, TIKAD. It is a drone that is equipped with multi-rotors that enable smooth balancing of the drone in the air. The bottom of the drone is loaded with a stripped down machine gun or sniper rifle.  This drone gun is perhaps the scariest thing for the enemies hiding in the woods.

There’s a steady mechanism that holds the gun in the proper position, and one can easily fire a shot remotely by video capable controlling pad.  This is one of the finest examples of evolving technology that has significantly transformed the security services. TIKAD is capable of providing best security to the government agencies to fight against terrorism. It can be easily utilized for operations with a higher risk of firing from the opponent’s side. The drone is currently under testing with the Israeli army for some enhancements.

The company who designed this drone is currently looking for some investment, and are making online crowd sale regarding the same. The video they have just revealed is also the part of the marketing so that company could raise some funds for enhancing their product. There is still some advancement yet to be made in the upcoming models of the drone, like shooting the target from a distance and killing the terrorists and then fly back.

It is an obvious thing that the product is currently categorized under the beta category, and it requires some improvements, which can be only possible through sufficient funds. There is also a Longest Flight Time Drone, which is under consideration to add more features to the current model. One can easily get ample information regarding these drones over the internet.